Majestic Farm
Contact: Brett and Sara Budde
Address: 134 Majestic Rd Mountain Dale, NY, 12763
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About Us
Majestic Farm is located in Sullivan County NY and owned and run by Sara and Brett Budde. Founded in 2008 we started the farm with the intention of raising Heritage (rare) breed animals looking to preserve biodiversity in addition to maintaining a robust livestock practice. We also searched for the most complimentary animals to our rugged Sullivan County forest and country. We believe that livestock should have access to open range all year long to forage and maintain their natural instincts. Currently we raise a variety of American heritage chickens including New Hampshire’s, Jersey’s and Delaware in addition to Freedom Rangers. For pork we raise Large Black Hogs. We also partner with our neighboring organic grass fed beef farms in order to ensure great access to open grazing all season. Seasonally we also have Turkeys available. Majestic Farm provides every animal with full access to outdoors, complete free range (our poultry range completely fence free), forage all year long, vegetable based supplement diets and we are Animal Welfare Approved which is the most stringent farm certification in the country. In addition since our livestock are rare breed and “old world’ their flavor is far superior to any meats available thru main stream markets. Even other farms that utilize best practice, animal welfare approved and organic practices often do not develop their heritage lines to create the tastiest, healthiest meats available. Our customers will attest that there is no other flavor like Majestic and come from miles and other states to stock up on the meats.

Majestic has developed our products to appeal to diverse diets including sugar and gluten free products, nitrate free products, items like boneless skinless chicken breasts, fresh seasonal sausages like pork ramp rounds and a large variety of butcher cuts.

We are currently working on farm to develop a newly planted apple orchard that will be certified organically and bio-dynamically likely by the end of the 2019 apple season.
Animal welfair approved