Sprouting Dreams Farm LLC
Address: 5474 ST RT 55 Liberty, NY, 12754
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Phone: 631-332-7948
About Us
We at Sprouting Dreams Farm (SDF) has 1.5 acres allotted to vegetable production. This area is planted with intensive succession, where the rows are rotated with new plantings throughout the season. Napa cabbage, heirloom tomatoes, English cucumbers, salad greens, head lettuce, radishes, celery, basil, parsley, onions and garlic are some of what we grow on our farm. During the season, cut flowers are also part of our business, but in truth, the flowers growing on the farm are for sustaining a diverse and healthy “micro-ecosystem,” which helps in our methods of farming without chemicals. We have two greenhouses, which extends our growing season, increases our productivity and allows for healthy transplants to be started on the farm. Along with the vegetables, we have six acres of wild blueberries, which are being tamed and further brought into production with efficiency in mind. In the blueberry area, over thirty fruit and nut trees have been planted, which in the future will diversify our products and sources of revenue. Micro greens and shoots are a main portion of our business in the winter months. Sprouting Dreams Farm also offers technical assistance for the Indoor Grow Station portion of the Catskills Edible Garden Project through Sullivan Renaissance.
Non-GMO, Pesticide/Herbicide-free, Heirloom Seeds, Ecologically Sustainable