Four Story Hill Farm, Inc.
Contact: Sylvia Pryzant
Address: 9 Four Story Lane Honesdale, PA, 18431
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Phone: 570-224-4137
About Us
Steve and I established Four Story Hill Farm in 1992. Providing quality meats for some of Manhattan’s finest restaurants, our Four Story Hill Farm now brings farm-to-table products to customers who appreciate fine restaurant quality.

Steve wanted to be a farmer since his days volunteering on a kibbutz in Israel where he milked cows and raised female calves that would become future milking cows. Upon moving to Pennsylvania to start farming, Steve continued working in New York, returning home weekends, while I stayed on the farm and honed the skills of raising milk-fed Veal Calves.

There were a few challenges along the way when the veal barn collapsed on the animals and when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. In 1997 we started working with Chefs raising Capons and Berkshire Baby Pigs.

Four Story Hill Farm, Inc. celebrated its 22nd anniversary in business and has grown and expanded in many ways to provide our customers with the very best.

Non-GMO, Grass Fed
The goal was to be 100% responsible for the care of our animal from beginning to end for minimum stress and to emphasize humane handling where the chain of custody is never broken until the time of delivery. In January 2011 we opened our own small USDA slaughterhouse right on our farm.

Non-GMO, Grass Fed