Snowdance Farm
Contact: Marc Jaffe
Address: 218 Knickerbocker Road Livingston Manor, NY, 12758
Email Address:
Phone: 845-439-5561
About Us
Snowdance Farm was established in 2002. We originally purchased this property as a weekend retreat but we moved from Manhattan after 9/11 and started living here full-time. Initially, we weren’t sure what we wanted to do next, but we knew that it had to be something that everyone in the family could participate in.

We reached out to Cornell Cooperative Extension of Sullivan County to learn more about farming. We thought farming was only about growing vegetables but they taught us about different kinds of farming and connected Marc to a chicken farm where he could work for a couple days. Marc was paid with a butchered chicken and thus began our new journey as farmers. We started with 100 chicks and never looked back.
Our goal is to raise the finest quality poultry and meats. All of our animals are treated humanely and with respect. None of the animals that enter the food chain have ever received antibiotics, added hormones, or any medicine. All of our pastured animals are rotated onto fresh grass regularly, with a succession of animal species over the same paddock whenever possible.