Scotch Valley Ranch Hemp
Contact: John Houshmand
Address: 476 Scotch Valley Ranch Road Hobart, NY, 13788
Email Address:
Phone: 866-228-0828
About Us
Scotch Valley Ranch has been a working 965 acre farm owned by John Houshmand for almost two decades. In addition to cultivating hemp, John also grows hay — a mixture of orchard grass, timothy and clover — which is delivered across the United States. The hay is known to be especially great for thoroughbred horses.

Scotch Valley Ranch is in the watershed of New York City, and is in an easement protected from development for life. The farm has never put any chemicals on any of the fields. Although not certified organic, the ranch is truly organic.

We started growing hemp two years ago and have not looked back since. We currently grow on four acres on a beautiful mountain side tucked in our own private valley. From seed to sale all of our practices and products are of the highest quality.
Organic minded, biodynamic growing techniques backed by a regenerative and sustainable mindset. What's good for the earth is good for us, too!