Flowering Sun Ecology Center
Contact: Owner cooperative
Address: 315 brown rd Ellenville, NY, 12428
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Phone: 201-355-9746
About Us
Flowering Sun Farm and Ecology Center is a place for people of all ages to reconnect with oneself and remember the wisdom of the earth. It is a place of learning, study and healing. We grow organic food as a community oriented educational practice in sustainability and generational resilience.

We are a small community of people dedicated to the creation of health in our local communities through supplying food grown with care in mineral rich soil. On the farm we focus on creating nutrient dense foods by protecting and supporting the living microbes of the soil. We recognize the earth as a living organism which breathes life into the foods we grow. Maintaining a good relationship with ourselves and all of nature is how we flourish. We cultivate our produce using local (when possible), organic amendments, compost, and teas. One acre of permanent raised beds fill in behind our home.

The food we eat can be a great source of health and longevity if we use these practices to produce it. Our community and education are important to us and we hope to be able to share delicious, homegrown produce with as many people around our area as possible. We wish to partner with people and businesses who are interested in good, local, delicious produce that’s grown by people who care about the earth and community relationship.
Non-GMO, un-certified organic, pesticide/herbicide-free, heirloom seeds, ecologically sustainable, communally run, professionally cleaned and blessed for sale.