Wisteria Clusters Farm Honesdale Pa
Contact: Amy Han
Address: 21 Cabin Cor, Honesdale, PA, 18431
Email Address:
Phone: 908-499-2677
About Us
We grow for our dream. And for the dear people who value our products.
We try to give you the freshest, top quality products. We follow the rules of nature . We don’t get organic certification because of the fees, but we accept inspections anytime.
Five years ago we came here to buy this property with a log cabin , woodland, and a piece of hayfield. We started from scratch. And now, we have greenhouses, vegetables and flowers field, and fruits plots.
We choose a lot of heirloom vegetables. Time consuming, low yield , not easy to handle and store, not desease and insects resist , but
Just delicious!
Thank you for your support, choose our products, trust we farmers.
Together we keep going!
Never ever spray herbicide, pesticides, antibiotics, even the organic ones.

Pasture raised poultry meat and eggs, chicken, ducks , hormones or antibiotics.

Wide range of seasonal produce, vegetables and flowers, grow from manure and compost, and the basic chemical fertilizers. Weeds controlled with mulch and mechanical cultivation, often hand weed.


All the products grown or raised on farm.

Preorder by Facebook page: Wisteria Clusters Farm. Pick up the vegetables on farm.