Soraia's Kitchen
Contact: Soraia Haberli
Address: PO Box 333 Jeffersonville, NY, 12748
Email Address:
Phone: 203-561-5164
About Us
Soraia’s Kitchen is a food company with a focus on providing the highest level of wholesome, nutritious, and tasty food products all designed to fit in with today's
movement towards a healthy lifestyle.

The heart of Soraia’s Kitchen lies not only in Chef Soraia’s innovations but also with her ability to embrace and convey the value that knowing what we eat
provides to us all.

All of our recipes are made from scratch and in small batches using only whole and natural ingredients. Chef Soraia’s delicious fare is free of preservatives and fillers and most importantly, she knows exactly what goes into every dish and so do you! Chef Soraia and the team at Soraia’s Kitchen appreciate local farmers and because of that commitment, Soraia’s Kitchen will continue to help to improve the quality of life for their clients and their families as well as nurturing our local economy.